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Lifefactory Glass Bottles
Our glass beverage bottle collection is designed for health-conscious, eco-minded adults. A variety of sizes and colors for wonderful variety. Lifefactory reusable bottles are made of high quality soda lime glass and wrapped in a protective silicone sleeve. Always BPA/BPS-free and dishwasher safe, all components are made in the US or Europe.

  • Lifefactory uses only the healthiest and safest materials available
  • All Lifefactory items are free of harmful chemicals including BPA / BPS, phthalates and PVC
  • Offers the purest and cleanest taste, with no flavor transfer from plastic or metals
  • Modern & sleek design sensibility
  • Clear and easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly composition
  • Exceptional utility
  • Healthy materials
  • Safe, simple and smart products

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ConcenTrace: Full Spectrum Minerals and Trace Minerals
Balanced for safety, ionic for max absorption, concentrated for value. Along with removing impurities, our water treatment systems remove the minerals from your water. A few drops of ConcenTrace will add them back in. Just like the minerals found in the liquids of fresh fruits, vegetables, and teas, the minerals in ConcenTrace are natually ionic, which means that each independent element is either positively or negatively charged. This is extremely important for absorption since the body uses positive and negative charges to attract elements into the receptor cells present in the intestine.

For long-term supplementation and body-mineral balancing, no other supplement compares to the safety and effectiveness of ConcenTrace.

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Camper Jug Camper Jug
This new water Camper/Sports jug is the same size as our regular water 5 gallon water bottle, but it has an extra wide mouth at the top of the jug, to fill with ice and your favorite beverages. It also has a handy water dispensing tap located at the bottom of the jug so you can fill your glass or mug with chilled beverage right from the bottle.

Great for camping, sports teams, parties, and much more -- just set on a table, fill and drink. It does not get much easier than this. No dispenser required. It is a jug and dispenser in one convenient format.
Fridge Jugs 2 and 3 Gallon Fridge Jugs
The perfect size to store filtered water in your refrigerator. Easy to fill through a wide mouth at the top, with a handy spigot for dispensing.
Replacment Filters Replacement Filters
We carry a full line of carbon, charcoal and sediment filters suitable for most filtration systems. We also carry Reverse Osmosis membranes in different sizes. Please call to inquire about your specific unit.
(Over 50 filters in stock!)
Shower filters Shower Filters
Shower filters reduce the chlorine in your shower water and provides clean pure water to you shower head. They contain both KDF and Granulated Activated Carbon. Reducing the chlorine in your shower water will improve your hair and skin, leaving you feeling really clean. Click here for more information.
Water Pumps Water Pumps
We carry Dolphin brand water pumps which are perfect for dispensing water from your Water Solutions jugs when no cooler is available. Great for camping, sporting events, or any time you need a fresh water supply outdoors.
Decorative Water Crock with Stand Decorative Water Crocks Decorative Crocks
Decorative porcelain water crocks come in 2 gallon size formats. We carry a variety of different designs as well as plain crocks, and lids.

All these water dispensers are lead free, and come with an easy to use quality faucet.  Water crocks can either be set on a countertop or on a stylish crock stand. These stands are made of wood and come in a variety of colors including black, white, or natural oak.
Cradle and Valve
Our Metal Cradle holds all 5 or 3 gallon water bottles. Metal Cradles are silver coated with rubber no slide leg covers. The drip-less, fast flowing valve dispenses water very easy. Let gravity do the work! No more pumping water out.

This valve fits all crown neck bottles and 48mm screw tops. This affordable device is great to take when traveling or at home.
Water Cooler Cleaner
Bacteria grows in all bottle water coolers, compromising the safety of your drinking water and the health of your family. Use this cleaner to quickly and easily improve the quality of your water.
2L Go Jugs
For optimal health, it is important to drink at least 2 litres of water daily. This handy Go Jug can help you ensure you get your daily requirement.
Bath Ball Bath Ball
This bath ball is great for healthier, younger looking skin. It provides relief from dry, itchy skin as well as improved lathering and sudsing. It is safe for infants and pets, and provides de-chlorination in minutes with no plumbing or fitting required. Click here for more information.
Water Softener Accessories
Water Solutions has all the softener accessories and maintenance products you need to keep your softener operating smoothly! Click here for more information.
water distillers Distiller Accessories
We can provide you with many different distiller accessories & maintenance products. Click here for more information.

Fish Water Treatment
When water comes out of the faucet at home it is designed to meet the needs of humans and not those of aquarium fish. Some cities and districts add fluoride to water for hardening teeth enamel and water softener into hard water. Tap water contains chlorine which is added to kill micro-organisms.

Our DI "super pure" filters can be used to remove these toxic chemicals, to assist in the creation of a healthy environment for your fish.

ClearTech Hydrochlor-12
Used in household chlorination systems to disinfect water from bacteria and viruses. Each pail container contains 20 L of hypochlorite.
Click here to view our well water filtration page.

FLojet Bottle Water Dispensing System
This Flojet water pump is model BW4000. It is used to dispense bottled water to refrigerators, coffee machines, and bottle-less water coolers. This water pump is very useful when no water lines exist near where you want water.
Water Solutions is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Water Filtration & Purification Equipment in Calgary AB
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