Reverse Osmosis

Water Solutions reverse osmosis (RO) water systems purify tap water so that it tastes great. Reverse osmosis (RO) removes 90% to 99% of all contaminants. Some contaminants may include fluoride, sodium, chlorine, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, cysts, arsenic, and much more.
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Water Solutions drinking water systems are a great alternative to bottled water. Reverse osmosis systems are also called water purification systems because they greatly reduce dissolved solids. RO drinking water systems greatly improve the taste of coffee, juices, teas, soups and other food products.

We also provide an affordable filter change service as well as a reminder service to change your filters.

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  • Mounted on countertop, through kitchen sink.
  • Basement Installations are usually between $75-$150 or more per unit, depending on the complexity of the job.
  • Site inspections are generally done on basement installs.
  • Systems can be hooked up to refrigerators for $50.
  • We can add minerals back in with a specialty filter
  • LIFETIME Warranties Available! Call 403-569-8932 for Details

Larger storage tanks, membranes and pumps can be added to each unit, as well as other specialized filters as seen on our filter page. For FAQs click here.

Along with removing impurities, our RO systems remove minerals from your water … add them back in with ConcenTrace. View our Other Products page for more information.

  • Our technicians in your area may also be trained to drill through granite or quartz countertops to install drinking water faucets. Call for your area. A $100 extra charge applies for drilling granite or quartz holes.