Chlorine Removal & Water Softener Combo

Our Dechlorinator Combo product is called the Eliminator. This product is a softener and a de-chlorinator all in one unit. It rids water of hardness minerals including calcium and magnesium. It also removes the chlorine many cities and towns add to the water supply. This product eliminates the chlorine by using a KDF-55 media.

  • Long life, high grade activated carbon
  • Reduce contaminants that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant
  • Automatic System calculates next regeneration time so you never run out of soft water
  • Economical on-demand systems with flow meter which measures usage
  • Flow rates of up to 25 gpm guarantees that you will get maximum water pressure with low pressure drop, meaning that you will have enough water for that long, hot shower
  • High efficiency regeneration saves you money on salt and water, latest technology
  • Manual override regeneration produces extra soft water exactly when you need it
  • Systems may be regenerated with either salt or potassium
  • Fully programmable control allows the system to be tailored to the exact water chemistry
  • High-capacity premium ion-exchange resin uses a minimum of salt to deliver a maximum of softness
  • Minimum 10 year warranty on resin, brine tank & valves. 5 years on electronics
  • Lifetime warranties available
  • Please note installation & bypassing charges will apply
  • Add extended warranty option

Mixed Bed Combo Rental Program:

  • Automatic Bank Withdrawal Program
  • Low monthly payments
  • Pre-authorized Credit Card Payments
  • Need Approved Credit Report
  • Rental agreement