Bottle Water Coolers

Water Solutions is pleased to offer you quality, beautiful water coolers for rent or purchase.

All water coolers are Energy star compliant. All water coolers are pre sanitized and ready to use. Cold reservoirs and hot tanks are made from stainless steel.

Rental rates are based on a 12-month contract. A detailed warranty certificate is enclosed with each water cooler purchase. Water Bottle Delivery is also available from Water Solutions.

Dislike the hassle of water jugs? Consider one of our Jugfree® water coolers!

Volume discounts available!

Child Proof Taps are available on all water coolers:

  • FREE on Rentals
  • $14.50 each on Purchases
  • Available in Red, Blue, and White

Regular taps are also available, in blue or white. We also sell replacement water taps for most Greenway™, Polar™, Crystal Mountain™, Glacier™, S2™, Mogul™, Nevada™, Avalanche™, and Summit™, Reflections™, IGO™, Electrotemp™, Colorado Springs™, Vail™, Cordley Temprite™, Sunroc™, Elkay™, Thermo Concept™, Fahrenheit™, Pacifik™, Baltik™, Celcius™, Cima™, Degree™, Kelvin™, Nordik™, Oasis™, Artesian™, Atlantis™, Capri™, Nautica™, Watermax™, and Vitapur™ water coolers.



Cup Dispensers are available for $25.96-$36.91.

Cups can be purchased by the sleeve or full case:

  • 4 oz cone style – $5.49 per 200 cup sleeve
  • 5 oz flat style – $6.00 per 100 cup sleeve
  • Cups are also available in Full Cases at reduced prices.