Distiller Repair

We offer in-house or on-site repairs for most major makes & models in today’s market.

The following models we can service Include:  Precision Design, Polar Bear, Dolfyn, Westbend, Western Durastill & LifeMist.

How Do Distillers Work?

Your water distiller is connected to your household water supply. The raw water feeds into the distiller through a 1/4” water line (1). This line is connected to a quick connect plumbing fitting. As the raw water enters the distiller it passes through a long life stainless steel sealed solenoid and then directly into the boiler chamber (2).

After the water reaches a level over the heating element (3), the distiller starts the heating cycle and brings the water to boil. The pure steam (4) rises and enters the baffle system (5), which breaks down any foaming in the boiler should it occur.

Any volatile gases are released through a special gas release vent at the highest point in the cooler system (6). The pure steam passes through the condenser coil (7). To support the cooling cycle a fan is used to properly cool the steam (8).

Pure water enters the stainless steel charcoal filter (9). This filter is 2/3 filled with activated coconut charcoal, which should be changed semi-annually.

Finally distilled water leaves the charcoal filter and runs into the high capacity stainless steel storage tank (10).

For more information on water distilling or specific makes and models visit the Precision web site directly.