Hot Water Tanks & Plumbing

Here at Water Solutions we try to offer our customers the best solutions for all their water needs. That’s why we’re offering you John Woods Hot Water Tanks — John Woods water heaters continue to be the leading brand of Hot Water Tanks in all of Canada. Why? A number of reasons:

  1. Flame Guard Technology:
    The older style of hot water tanks were made so that gas vapors from outside the heater could enter the combustion chamber and start a fire. The new flame guard water heater works by only letting outside flammable vapors to enter from an air inlet. Once those burning vapors are inside the sealed combustion chamber a thermal sensor detects burning vapors and turns off the gas to the pilot light as well as the burner. This new technology will protect your home from rapid spreading house fires. To see visuals of how the flame guard works, view our Flame Guard Info Sheet.
  2. Environmentally (and gas bill) Friendly:
    Go Green with John Woods ENERGY STAR water heaters. With water heating being the second largest energy consumer in your household, why not make your water heater energy efficient? Newer water heaters have the capability to save your family money, and also help reduce your carbon foot print!
  3. Warranty:
    John Wood water heaters come with a great manufacturer’s warranty. All GSW and John Wood Water Heaters will be replaced free of charge in the case of tank leakage within the stated warranty period from the date of installation in domestic applications, and one year in commercial applications. All parts supplied are warranted for six years. Warranty does not include labour. Consult John Wood for complete details.