Jugfree Water System

Water Solutions carries several different options of Jugfree® coolers for dispensing fresh purified water from your filtration system. Other names for these Jugfree® coolers may be bottle-free, bottleless, point-of-use (POU) water coolers or filtered water coolers.

We sell floor model coolers as well as the space saving countertop models.

These come standard with a cold water tap and a room temperature tap (cook and cold), however models are also available with a hot water tap at a slightly higher cost. Child proof handles are available in red, white and blue.

Each Jugfree® cooler or chiller is hooked up to a filter system. Below we show the most common configuration of dispensers with filters and corresponding pricing. But, ultimately we can design a system that meets your needs, not ours. We also offer volume discounts on more than 1 unit. We can also do over 100 units per customer. Call or email today for a free no obligation quote.

30 day free trial for rentals

We also carry a full line of Bottled Water Coolers.
The Jugfree® dispensers below are each available with one of the following systems: