Pentair Logix Autotrol High Flow 268/762


High Flow 268/762 Features:

  • Automatic System calculates next regeneration time so you never run out of soft water
  • Economical on-demand systems with flow meter which measures usage
  • High flow rates of up to 25 gpm guarantees that you will get maximum water pressure with low pressure drop, meaning that you will have enough water for that long, hot shower
  • Full 1 inch flow throughout system versus most softeners with only 3/4 inch flow
  • Smart, 28 day variable reserve feature learns family water usage and adjusts to demand
  • High efficiency regeneration saves you money on salt and water, latest technology
  • Never lose system memory to power failur with novram capacitor back up
  • Safe, low-voltage operation – uses only $2.00 in electricity per year
  • Manual override regeneration produces extra soft water exactly when you need it
  • Controller LCD displays remaining capacity, so you’ll know how much water remains until next regeneration cycle
  • Systems may be regenerated with either salt or potassium
  • Fully programmable control allows the system to be tailored to the exact water chemistry
  • High-capacity premium ion-exchange resin uses a minimum of salt to deliver a maximum of softness
  • 10 year warranty on resin and brine tank. 5 years on electronics and valves
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Manual Profile

Choose Water Softener Capacity

  • 1-5 People: 1.0 Cu Ft (33,000 Grains) – Purchase for $1090.00 or Rent @ $33.95/month
  • 6-8 People: 1.5 Cu Ft (45,000 Grains) – Purchase for $1190.00 or Rent @ $38.95/month
  • 8+ People: 2.0 Cu Ft (60,000 Grains) – Purchase for $1490.00 (Rental N/A)


1 free bag of conditioning salt with purchase of installed water softener! Extra charges will apply for bypassing and if water softener has not been roughed in by builder and/or plumber. Please call 403-569-8932 for more details.

Water Softener Rental Program:

  • Automatic Bank Withdrawal Program
  • Low monthly payments
  • Pre-authorized Visa Payments
  • Need Approved Credit Report
  • Rental agreement
  • Low installation fee