Bottled Water Delivery

(call office at 403-569-8932 for current price’s & promotion)

Customizable: Your water, your choice!

  • Bottle size: 3 or 5 gallon (11.4L or 18.9L) bottles
  • Type of Water: Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, Deionized or Premium Re-mineralized Water
  • Number of Bottles: minimum 4 per order + delivery fee for business &  residential
  • Cooler: if needed, checkout our lineup of coolers available for rent or purchase


Affordable: Convenience that won’t break the bank!

  • Ask us about our pre-paid package options
  • After the first order, prices are as follows:

    18.9L (5 Gallon) Delivered:

    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Premium
    • Distilled

    11.4L (3 Gallon) Delivered:

    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Premium
    • Distilled
  • A $10 refundable deposit is required on all water bottles.
  • Volume Discounts Available


How it Works

  1. Contact Water Solutions to schedule your first delivery. Also choose from our assortment of bottle water coolers available for rent or purchase.
  2. Payment is due within 14 days of invoice date for Residential; within 30 days of invoice for Business.
  3. Customers also have the option to pay with all major credit cards.
  4. There is a 4 bottle minimum per water bottle delivery.
  5. Orders can be pre-planned.