Great service Water Solutions has provided

Not only has your product assisted us in eliminating the hassles of lifting water jugs, storage of empties and the risk of running out, but we have substantially reduced our monthly costs.

by Ken Friesen from Concours Collision Centres

We have reduced our water costs by over 50% on a monthly basis

As well as we enjoy the great taste of the premium filtered water and teh fact that your company is monitoring the water quality and changing the filters on a regular basis. This ensures my staff will always have fresh, healthy water.

by Alan Corbett from Calgary Custom Brokers Ltd.

Water Solutions has been a very easy company to deal with

We were visited by Water Solutions, and as the name says they provided a better solution. Water Solutions is prompt with their maintenance and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Water Solutions when looking into acquiring a water system.

by Kim Turner from AMEC Infrastructure Ltd.

Having good clean filtered water is an essential for our family!

Having good clean filtered water is an essential for our family. When we looked at our options, we quickly realised that Water Solutions is the right solution for us! The staff are very friendly, reliable and professional. The RO filtering system we have is great and produces great tasting water. We have recommended Water Solutions to our friends and will continue to as they offer the best “water solution” in Calgary.

by Sheryl Stoddard

Refills at Water Solutions for over 2 years now!

I have been getting my refills at Water Solutions for over 2 years now and the exceptional service keeps me coming back. I would recommend them to anyone who is tired of paying $5 to a grocery store and hauling the jug to your car yourself. $2.50 here, shorter haul to the car and 90% of the time, they will bring it out to your trunk!

by Larry Leach

More than happy with the taste of their water

I have been a customer of “Water Solutions” since January of 2007. I am more than happy with the taste of their water; I absolutely have no complaints there. Their staff are courteous and always ready to help you. You can’t forget the delivery fellows, nothing but good looking guys. Try “Water Solutions,” you won’t be sorry.

by Michael in Calgary, Alberta

I have been a Water Solutions customer for 7 years!

I have been a Water Solutions customer for 7 years. I can very easily say that they not only provide the best service but have the most amazing water, hands down. I have had numerous compliments on how good our water is and have actually now converted a family member into a Water Solutions customer! Thank you Len and staff!

by Amanda in Calgary, Alberta

The soft water is wonderful!

We had Water Solutions install both and RO System and a jug-free cooler in our home several years back. We subsequently had Water Solutions install a water softner system. We only wished we had them install it sooner. The soft water is wonderful, and we really have enjoyed not having to constantly clean hard water build-up in our showers and sinks. All installs were and still are hassle-free. Thanks to the great team at Water Solutions. We recommend them to anyone! Russ & Bev Thomas

by Russ Thomas

We are so pleased with our softener

Thank you, we are so pleased with our softener already, and really appreciate your excellent service and friendly communication. Your plumber Taylor was fantastic too, very patient, and explained it all to us so we were instantly comfortable. We have already recommended you to friends in the market for a softener!

by Tracy

Your systems work great!!

by Russ

They did a fantastic job, friendly service, great warranty and very professional

Just wanted to share my experience with Water Solutions. I had a water filtration system installed awhile back and they did a fantastic job, friendly service, great warranty and very professional. We love it in our home. Highly recommended and they have a great selection so they have the right system for everyone ! Dave M

by Dave M

Have a RO system installed

Our daughter Teara McGinn does the web site work for your company, she got us started with Water Soloutions a few years ago.. Our water in Okotoks is very hard and we were buying the large jugs of water from a local suppliers , we were using 4 to 5 JUGS a week ….Teara pointed out that it would cost less to have a RO system installed under the kitchen sink, it’s lovely it has a nice “little tap” that this nice young fellow named Taylor installed along with the tank underneath the sink. We were spending between $20. To $25 a WEEK on the large jugs wihich we hauled ourselves to save money, (we are not that young anymore) so this was not done with a smile on our faces!!!:) Long story short, the system in the kitchen we rent for $27.00. A month and Taylor does filter changes every 6 months . “YEAH”!!! What a saving on our pocket book . IT DIDN’T STOP THERE! We always had trouble with our dishwasher plugging up with HARD WATER DEPOSITS and more often then not

by Sherri & Bob Schreiner

Pleased with the install service of our new hot water tank

GOOD MORNING LEN!! Maxine and I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the install service of our new hot water tank, water softener system and purification system. Taylor is certainly one of the very best service people we have ever had in our home. He is intelligent, efficient, polite, well- spoken and certainly a highly-qualified expert in the field. He completed all three tasks in barely over 3 hours by himself and without fuss. He was very responsive to our questions and definitely left us with the impression that we were dealing with the right company. He carefully explained the work he had done in a manner that was easy to understand and cleaned up after himself. We would be pleased to recommend him and “WATER SOLUTIONS” to our friends at any time in the future. Maxine loves the new soft water and I make regular use of the new purified water at the kitchen sink
Our thanks to you and Taylor for a great experience! Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial

by Kurt & Maxine Gilmore in Calgary, Alberta

Always prompt and professional

I have been using water solutions since I started by business 9 years ago. They have always been prompt, professional, and offer the type of personalized service that is rare to find in a business these days. Thanks water solutions for all the great service!!!

by Tara Drobot from The Healing Bridge

Using Water Solutions for over 10 years

I have been dealing with Water Solutions for over 10 years and the service has been very professional and reliable. I appreciate the service reminders when the filter change is due on my RO filters. I purchased a Whole Home KDF Unit 8 years ago and Water Solutions has now moved the unit for me into 2 new homes and also replaced the KDF inside. Thanks Len!

by Maureen Lively

It has turned our well water into great drinking water

Would just like to thank Len and his crew for the outstanding service they provide. We are very pleased with our RO system. It has turned our well water into great drinking water with no fuss and no heavy jugs to lug around. I also love the reminders that it is time to get your filters changed. Great customer service,and very price competitive I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

by Tom and Angie Armstrong

The water tastes great and they service it regularily

Water Solutions installed a hot/cold water filter at the school where I teach. The water tastes great and they service it regularily. I was so impressed that we had Water Solutions put a water filter system in our home. We are pleased with the clean water and their service. I would give them 5/5!

by Cory Andersen from CBE