Warranty Information


FiltersAll Water Solutions filters are certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), which is the most recognizable water testing organization in North America.
CoolersMost coolers have a 2 year limited warranty on sealed refrigeration system and a full 1 year warranty on most component parts.
Filter SystemsAll filter systems have a 2 year warranty on all components and parts. (filters not included) If for any reason something goes wrong with your Water Solutions filter system we promise to repair the problem or replace the unit for free within the first 12 months.
Water SoftenersAll Water softeners have a minimum 10 year warranty on the Resin/Brine tank and a 5 year warranty on all electronics and valves.
DistillersPrecision Distillers offer 15 year pro-rated Stainless Steel warranty and 2 Years all parts. Does not include shipping.
Hot Water TanksOur John Wood hot water tanks come complete with an 8 year warranty on the tank, and a 6 year warranty on all parts.


Warranties subject to change.